Thank you for choosing Creekside Endodontics for your root canal needs. We hope to provide you a comfortable and relaxing experience.  Dr. Stubbs is dedicated to providing quality root canal treatment to everyone and is proud to be one of the few endodontists to accept Medicaid in Colorado.  Please remember to bring your referral slip, Medicaid card and a picture ID to your first appointment.

With so few endodontists accepting Medicaid, it is difficult to handle the volume of patients seeking treatment at our office.  We have many patients who travel from hours away seeking treatment.  We understand that this can lead to a long waiting period to become a patient of our practice.  We will continue to advocate to other endodontists the benefits of caring for patients with Medicaid to increase the number of Medicaid Providers and solve this issue.

Medicaid dental coverage has a few unique challenges that we are working to handle efficiently.

Medicaid Root Canal Coverage

Medicaid limits what teeth and procedures are covered in your dental plan.  For example, Medicaid does not currently cover second molars and may not cover a retreatment of a previous root canal.  Additionally, Medicaid may decline coverage of a fractured tooth.  To eliminate confusion and insure we give you an accurate estimate of your coverage, we preauthorize all root canal procedures.

We provide every patient with a treatment plan and complete a “Non-Covered Services Form” to ensure that you understand all of your coverage information.  We will answer all of your questions during your initial consult appointment.

Monthly New Patient CAP

Although we have reserved appointments specifically for our Medicaid patients, we are unable to treat every patient in Colorado.  Along with our Denver neighbors, patients have travelled from Colorado Springs, La Veta, Alamosa, Wray, Pueblo, Fort Collins, Simla, Kit Carson, Montrose and Lamar for treatment at our office.  Across Colorado, there is a shortage of endodontists who accept Medicaid.  We will accept patients from anywhere in Colorado, but we must adhere to our office guidelines. We have determined that the only fair way to distribute the new patient spots is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Your general dentist can help alleviate your pain while you wait to become a patient in our practice or we can assist you to find another root canal specialist to complete your root canal treatment.

Initial Consult Appointment

The initial consult appointment is important opportunity to present each patient with an individualized treatment plan, complete all necessary Medicaid paperwork and identify clinical treatment needs.  This efficiency insures we can fulfill the needs as many Medicaid patients as possible.  You may bring diagnostic radiographs from your general dentist or we are equipped to take quality radiographs at our office.  We are unable to provide root canal treatment before preauthorization is completed, but we are able to treat infections with antibiotics and drainage if necessary.


Although Medicaid does not specifically require preauthorization for all root canal treatment, preauthorization protects patients from unexpected expenses should Medicaid deny coverage.  Preauthorization is an important tool when dealing with Medicaid coverages and reimbursement.  We preauthorize all treatment procedures with Medicaid.  We are unable to predict the amount of time necessary for Medicaid to return a decision on preauthorizations, but they are usually efficient.

Non-Covered Treatment Discount

We offer special pricing to our Medicaid patients who have non-covered treatment needs.  Dr. Stubbs feels strongly that quality endodontic treatment should be available to everyone.  This special pricing allows our patients to save hundreds of dollars on their root canal treatment.

Medicaid Appeals

We provide Medicaid with all of the relevant clinical information they need to make an informed decision on treatment coverage.  If Medicaid feels they require additional information to make their decision, we submit additional information with preauthorizations.  Sometimes, Medicaid makes treatment decisions patients don’t agree with.  According to the DentaQuest Office Reference Manual, “All Members have the right to appeal any decisions related to patient care and treatment. Members may also request an external review or second opinion.” If you would like to appeal Medicaid’s coverage decisions, we will provide you the necessary contact information and paperwork.  Our office is unable to appeal Medicaid’s coverage decisions by phone due to the often-long wait times.

Warmest Welcome to Our Practice

Although there are some unique challenges with Medicaid, we are excited to have you as a patient and want you to feel valued and appreciated.  We pride ourselves in providing our best care and attention to each of our patients.  We will continue to advocate the benefits of Medicaid to our fellow dental professionals in hopes of increasing treatment accessibility to our Colorado neighbors.

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Get the Most Out of your Medicaid Benefits

Creekside Endodontics is a newly renovated, state of the art facility complete with dental operating microscopes and digital radiography and is the first endodontic eco office in the Denver area.  The dental operating microscope enables Dr. Stubbs to identify and clean microscopic anatomy that might otherwise be missed.  Digital radiography makes your root canal more efficient and saves time.


Creekside Endodontics is conveniently located near the C470 and I-25 and is easily accessible from the Denver area including: Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Aurora, Parker and Castle Rock.