Will My Tooth Feel the Same After a Root Canal?

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Our patients are often referred to Creekside Endodontics because they’re suffering pain or discomfort in a tooth. Their dentist sent them because the root canal treatment will be particularly complex. There may have been a bacterial infection in the tooth, for example, requiring specialized equipment to clean small hiding places within the interior canals. Compared…

Do Most Dentists Know How To Do Root Canals?

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Your dentist has informed you that you have an infection inside the root canal of your tooth. You need a root canal treatment to successfully clean it out. Can your regular dentist perform it, or should you see an endodontist instead?  While the majority of dentists regularly perform root canals, your dentist should have a…

Will My Tooth Be Sensitive After a Root Canal?

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Jaw Pain - TMJ Pain Mimicking Root Canal Pain

During a root canal treatment, the tissues and nerves in the area of the tooth will undergo some stress, even though you will be comfortably under anesthesia at the time.  Your endodontist will create a tiny opening in your tooth, clean an infection out, replace the disinfected tissue, and close and protect your tooth again.…

Endodontist vs. Oral Surgeon: What’s the Difference?

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Choose a United Healthcare PPO Endodontist

You need a complex medical procedure that includes your mouth or teeth. But do you go to an endodontist or an oral surgeon? What are the differences between each specialty? What do they offer? This will give you a better understanding of whose help to seek out when you’re struggling with a painful or serious…

Can a Root Canal Relieve Gum Infection and Pain?

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Many patients come to us with pain caused by an infection within the root canal of a tooth. But can an infection in a tooth also infect the gums, or vice versa?    To answer that, we need to think about the structure of the tooth. Tooth roots look almost like the long tails of…

What Is an Apicoectomy?

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When we perform an apicoectomy, it is often to correct complications after a standard root canal treatment. Or we may use it when the doctor sees that the standard treatment is not best for the tooth.    An apicoectomy has the same purpose as the standard root canal service, which is to clean the infection…

What Is Regenerative Endodontics?

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Regenerative endodontics is an exciting, state-of-the-art field in dentistry. It is a new set of solutions for an old problem. What is the problem? When a younger patient has adult teeth that are still growing, we sometimes must perform a root canal treatment on them. This means that the pulp (tissue, nerves, and blood vessels…

Should I Ask My Dentist for Sedation?

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Why request sedation dentistry? Do you feel intense anxiety when you think about scheduling a dental visit? Have you experienced more than your fair share of dental pain and sensitivity? If so, your next visit might be better with added dental sedation. You may not hear many patients talking about receiving sedation dentistry because you…

Signs of a Cracked Tooth, and What to Do About Them

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Modern science and medicine help us live longer, and that can be wonderful. There are only a few downsides to a longer life. One is that teeth can get worn down over the course of long lives. We chew on ice. We grind our teeth in frustration at work. We clench our teeth in our…