A Root Canal Specialist Can Save Your Injured Tooth

Root Canal Specialist Lone Tree, CO

A root canal specialist can be a lifesaver if you are dealing with an injured tooth. While the procedure has earned itself a reputation as some sort of scary procedure people should be terrified of, the reality is that root canals bring relief to patients who are often dealing with excruciating pain.

When is a root canal specialist needed?

Root canals are often performed when a person's teeth have been so damaged that the contents of the pulp chamber become exposed to the many irritants in the person's mouth like bacteria, food particles and saliva.

The exposure often leads to the soft tissue in the pulp chamber being infected by bacteria, which can then cause severe discomfort, pain and the loss of the tooth's natural function.

Reasons for root canal therapy

Tooth decay

The most common reason why a person's teeth might become damaged enough to leave the pulp chamber exposed is tooth decay. This is caused primarily by acids produced by oral bacteria. These microorganisms feed on leftover food particles that are stuck on teeth after meals and they excrete acids that can damage tooth enamel. Over time, the corrosion caused by these acids leads to the formation of small holes on the surface of teeth called cavities.

If these cavities are not treated with dental fillings early on, they will continue to expand until it reaches the pulp chamber.


The pulp chamber of a person's tooth can also become compromised due to damage caused by trauma. A broken, chipped or fractured tooth can easily end up with the pulp chamber exposed and that leads to the injured person experiencing lots of pain. When this is the case, a root canal specialist is often needed to save the tooth and stop the pain.

What to expect when getting a root canal

Root canals are nowhere as scary as they are portrayed — in actuality, there is nothing scary about them at all.

The dentist starts the procedure by giving the patient a shot of anesthetic. This is not necessary if the nerve is already dead, but most dentists like to err on the side of caution.

The dentist will then drill a hole in the affected tooth and use a variety of files to remove the pulp and nerve. Once the tooth has been cleaned out, the dentist will apply some medication to deal with any infection. The hole is sealed with a rubbery material and the tooth is covered up with a crown for extra protection.

Life after getting a root canal

One of the things those who have ever gotten a root canal can appreciate is the fact it typically brings an end to the worst types of toothaches a person can imagine. Most patients do not even need any painkillers after the procedure. If the patient is dealing with a serious infection, antibiotics might be prescribed.

Ready to get started?

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