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Trying to find a root canal dentist that accepts Aetna PPO in Denver?  Most Aetna insurance plans allow patients the freedom to choose any dentist they want; but, to get the most out of your insurance, you should choose an in-network dentist.

Andrew Stubbs is an Aetna Endodontist in the Denver Metropolitan Area

Aetna Endodontist - Aetna PPO - Find a Root Canal Dentist that Accepts Aetna PPO in Denver COWhy choose an In-Network Aetna PPO root canal dentist?


In-network Aetna endodontists agree to accept predetermined fees for services, which are usually significantly discounted from usual charges. In-network Aetna dentists also agree not to bill patients for differences between the Aetna contracted fees and their usual charges.

No Waiting for Reimbursement

When you are treated by an in-network Aetna endodontist, you don’t have to pay the entire bill and wait for reimbursement from Aetna. Instead, Aetna pays your in-network dentist directly and sends you a notice explaining your portion of the bill.

Less Paperwork

In-network Aetna dentists handle all claims forms and other paperwork, making it as easy as possible to help you get the care you need.

Only the Best

All In-network Aetna dentists must meet professionally required credentialing standards. Aetna re-credentials providers regularly to ensure standards are maintained.

Aetna PPO Search Tool

Aetna Endodontist - Aetna PPO Root Canal Dentist - Discount PriceAetna provides a search tool on their website to help members find a root canal dentist who is in-network with Aetna PPO.  Aetna understands the benefits of using a dentist who accepts a predetermined fee schedule, fills out paperwork for their patients, bills Aetna directly and meets credentialing standards.  The following URL will lead you to the Aetna provider search website.  Creekside endodontics is an in-network provider for Aetna Dental Insurance, contact us for a free estimate.




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