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Are you having a difficult time finding an Anthem PPO endodontist? Dr. Stubbs’ caring staff can help you maximize your Anthem PPO dental insurance benefits, making your treatment more affordable.  Creekside Endodontics is an in network Specialist Provider for Anthem PPO dental insurance.

Save Money With an In-Network Anthem PPO Endodontist

Anthem PPO - Save Money with an In-Network EndodontistFinding an Anthem PPO endodontist who accepts your dental insurance can save you hundreds of dollars on a single root canal procedure.  Finding an in network endodontist can save you even more.  Ask your dentist to refer you to a root canal specialist that is in network with Anthem PPO to insure that you are receiving the most affordable price on your root canal procedure.

By electing to be treated by a provider that is not in-network with your Anthem Dental Insurance Plan, you may potentially pay hundreds of dollars extra in out-of-pocket expenses.

What is the potential difference between an “In Network” Anthem endodontist and an “Accepting” dental practice?  The following example shows how you may pay $360 with an In Network Dentist instead of $790 with a dentist that “accepts” your insurance.

That is $430 in savings for the same procedure!!

Anthem PPO: In-Network vs. Accepting

In-Network Anthem Endodontist

“In-Network” Anthem Endodontist means that the dental office has a contractual relationship with the insurance company and that the dentist must charge what the insurance company tells them to charge and nothing more.

Anthem PPO In-Network EndodontistFor example: Let’s say that a dentist’s fee for a root canal is $1150.00 but the insurance company says that the dentist can only charge $720.00. The dentist must discount his normal fee to $720.00. Depending on the policy, out of that $720.00, the insurance company might pay half($360.00) and the patient might pay half($360.00).

Accepting Anthem Dental Insurance

“Accepting” means the dental office will accept or allow that type of insurance to be used as payment.  There is not a discount like an in network Anthem endodontist and the patient becomes liable for the difference.

Example: Let’s compare the same case of a root canal where the normal price that the dentist would charge for a root canal is $1150.00. If the insurance company says that it will pay $360.00 of the root canal procedure, the patient is personally responsible for the remaining $790.00.

Out of Pocket Expenses $360 vs. $790

There are MANY different plans for each insurance company and each plan may vary in the specifics of the benefits provided!!!

3 Additional Benefits of using an In-Network Anthem Dentist

3 Additional Benefits of Anthem PPOBeyond price, there are three additional benefits to using an in-network dentist to complete your root canal.

Paperwork Filed Directly to Anthem

In-network dentists will file all of the claims forms and additional required paperwork directly to your insurance.  All you have to worry about is completing your care and your dentist will do the rest.  There is no additional head ache or hassle.

No Waiting to be Reimbursed by Anthem

When using an in-network dentist, you won’t have to pay the entire fee upfront and then wait to be reimbursed by the insurance company.  In-network dentists have a contract with the insurance company to accept discounted fees.  You will only be expected to pay your portion of your treatment as outlined in your insurance policy.  After your dentist files the dental claim, your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benfits(EOB).  The EOB will review the treatment received, the claims paid and the remaining balance of your dental benefits.

Professionally Credentialed Anthem Provider

To become an in-network Anthem PPO provider, dentist must meet professional credentialing standards.  To insure that dentists keep up to date with standards, Anthem consistently re-credentials their dentists.

How Do I Know If My Dentist Is In-Network with Anthem PPO?

When asking your dental office if they are in-network with your Anthem PPO insurance, it is important to ask the right questions.  Most people ask “Do you accept Anthem Insurance?”, but that will only tell you if they accept your insurance as partial payment.  If you want to insure that you receive your discount, reduce your paperwork and remove the need to wait for reimbursement; be sure to ask “Are you IN-NETWORK with my insurance?” Remember, these questions may seem similar, but they are asking very different things.  Asking the wrong question can cause confusion and cost you money.

Anthem PPO: Find an In-Network Endodontist

Anthem PPO Provider Search ToolChoosing an in-network Anthem endodontist, instead of a dentist that simply accepts your insurance, can save you hundreds of dollars on just one root canal procedure.  Additionally, you will save throughout the year on exams, cleanings, fillings and restoring your tooth after root canal treatment.  Anthem understands how important finding an in-network dentist is, so they provide a search tool to find a participating dentist in your area. To access the Anthem provider search tool, simply clink on this URL.

Additionally, Anthem launched their new cost estimator.  This online tool helps patients to estimate their costs before ever stepping foot in a dental office.  A recent study showed that forty percent of patients did not know that insurance would cover preventive visits and that many patients worried about an unexpected bill at the end of their appointment.  This handy tool will help you project your out-of-pocket expenses well in advance.

Referral to an Anthem PPO Dentist

Although we specialize in root canal treatment, we work closely with many high quality general dentists in the area.  We know them personally and we see their dental work every day.  Contact us at 303.524.9343 and we can help pair you with a local In-Network Dentist that fits your specific needs.


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