4 Benefits of an In Network Assurant Endodontist

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If you’re looking for an Endodontist who accepts Assurant PPO Dental Insurance, you’re looking in the right place. But before you spend any time searching, please read this important information! To ensure that you maximize your dental insurance benefits, as well as avoid any problems or confusion, you must use the appropriate terminology – which we’ll provide here.

Creekside Endodontics is proud to not only accept, but to be an innetwork Assurant PPO endodontist office.

4 Benefits of Using an In-Network Assurant PPO Dentist

Pay Less at Your Visit

Assurant pays your in-network dentist directly after treatment and you only pay the dentist only your portion of the services.  Assurant will send you an Explanation of Benefits(EOB)explaining your portion of the bill.

Save Money 

In-network endodontists agree to never bill you for more than the previously negotiated contracted fee. For example, if you are a PPO enrollee responsible for a 20% coinsurance amount, you pay 20% of your dentist’s contracted fee. Non-Assurant dentists can charge you their full fee for their services.  We will go further in depth on the diffeence between “in-network” and “accepting” insurance below.

No Unnecessary Procedures

Assurant ensures you’re never charged for services that should be included in the cost of treatment. For example, when you receive a root canal, an Assurant dentist won’t charge you extra for local anesthesia, procedural radiographs or same-day exams with treatment.


Assurant endodontists are licensed and meet accepted professional standards during network contracting.  Assurant dentists are also assigned a special representative to help them stay updated on your insurance needs.

What’s the different between the terms, “Accepting” and in-Network?”

Assurant Endodontist

Some people tend to use the terms, “Accepting” and “In-Network” interchangeably, but the fact is they have totally different meanings – especially when it comes to dental insurance. Creekside Endodontics is proud to accept most of the major dental insurance plans, but is also in-Network with the top Assurant PPO Dental Insurance plans as well. And that is very important to you!

Smart question – and an important distinction!

“In-Network” with Assurant PPO Insurance

As an “In-Network” Endodontist, Creekside Endodontics has a signed contract with the insurance company. That means our patients will receive all of the dental insurance benefits that they’re entitled to, along with maximum savings under their dental plan.

All In-Network dental offices adhere to predetermined fees that are set by the insurance company – which are lower than the dental practice’s regular fees. This difference in fees can be considerable, and because the dentist eliminates the difference, patients receive a significant discount on their bill. There’s another benefit as well – the dental insurance company reviews the bill and makes sure that there are no unnecessary treatment charges added.

“Accepting” Assurant PPO Insurance

An Endodontist who is “accepting” Assurant PPO insurance but is NOT an in-Network provider has no contract with the insurance company. Sure, they’ll “accept” your insurance benefits and apply them towards all of your charges, the do not have to honor the insurance company’s conditions, terms and PRICING. They have no obligation whatsoever to discount the cost of their treatment programs in order to comply with any published fees put out by the insurance company.

That means that as the patient, you’ll be responsible for the additional costs related to your dental treatment.

If you don’t ask the right question, you won’t get the right answer!

Forget asking the Endodontist’s dental office if they “accept your Assurant PPO insurance plan.” They might, but as we just mentioned, it won’t help with the bottom line of the bill. Instead, ask, “Are you In-Network with my Assurant PPO insurance plan?”

If the answer is, “Yes,” it means that they have a signed contract with the insurance company and agree to accept the discounted fee set by the insurance provider. As the patient, you’ll only pay your percentage that you agreed to with the insurance plan, and if there’s any balance – the dentist will eliminate it. That will save you money!

Here’s what happens if you choose to use a dentist who “accepts” payment by Assurant but is NOT an “in-Network” provider: the balance becomes your entire responsibility! This is why you must ask the right question.

Otherwise – you’ll end up being liable for a lot of money.

Remember: Creekside Endodontics is an in-Network provider with Assurant PPO Dental Insurance. Your dental care is handled, all paperwork required by Assuarant will be taken care of, and you’ll get the negotiated fee for your treatment, which will save you a lot of money!

Assurant PPO Online Search Tool

Assurant would like to help you find an Endodontist who is an in-Network provider.  You’ll have your root canal treatment at the negotiated rate, eliminating any worry about additional costs.

Use the link below, and then enter your ZIP code. If you’d like a more customized search, simply enter your complete street address.  If no address is entered, then the search will begin from the center of the ZIP code that was entered, along with the city or state that you enter.

Dental Referral from Creekside Endodontics

After root canal treatment, a general dentist usually needs to build up the tooth and place a crown to protect the tooth from fracture.  In addition to the Assurant PPO Search Tool, Creekside Endodontics is a great resource to find a dentist to restore your tooth.

Call 303-524-9343 to schedule your appointment today.  We will be happy to explain your Assurant benefits.

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