GentleWave Endo Technology

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Gentle Wave Endo

GentleWave Endo Gentle Wave endo is a revolutionary way to achieve the goals of root canal therapy.  To achieve the goals of root canal therapy, Gentle Wave uses breakthrough technology to clean the root canal space and remove bacteria, tissue and debris.  Broad spectrum acoustic energy enables root canal fluids to travel through the  root canal…

The Root of the Problem: Correcting Harmful Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments

Successful Calcified Root Canal Treatment

At the beginning of the year, popular video streaming platform Netflix began showing the documentary film Root Cause. Directed by Australian filmmaker Frazer Bailey, the documentary boldly claims that root canals can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. With input from holistic dentists, the film claims that bacteria fester inside root canals and the hollow…

Cigna PPO Endodontist Root Canal

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Cigna PPO Endodontist Treating #31

Cigna PPO Endodontist Are you looking for a Cigna PPO Endodontist?  Cigna Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a type of dental health plan that offers a larger network so you have more dentists and dental offices to choose from. Your out-of-pocket costs are usually higher with a PPO plan than with an HMO or EPO…

Successful Calcified Root Canal Treatment

Successful Calcified Root Canal Treatment

Successful Calcified Root Canal Treatment There are 2 steps for successful calcified root canal treatment: Find all of the canals in the tooth. Clean all of the canals you find. Theoretically, successful calcified root canal treatment is that easy.  Many dentists find it so hard to complete these two steps and provide the successful root…

Regenerative Endodontic Therapy 101

Root Canal

Root canal therapy saves millions of teeth each year. But sometimes, it isn’t enough. This is where regenerative endodontic therapy comes in. With regenerative endodontic therapy, endodontists can replace damaged structures in the teeth and restore functionality to infected or even necrotic root canal systems, thereby helping their patients retain their true teeth. How Does…