Winter Weather Woes: How the Cold Can Worsen Your Dental Issues

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Woman feeling cold

When you eat something cold, like ice cream, do you experience sudden and sharp tooth pain? If so, you may be suffering from hypersensitivity. When your enamel—the hard, outer layer of your teeth—wears down over time, your dental nerves can become exposed to extreme temperatures which lead to sensitivity and discomfort. But what you eat…

Is Santa Bringing Charcoal Toothpaste to Naughty Boys and Girls?

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Is Santa Bringing Charcoal Toothpaste this Year?

If Santa puts coal in your stocking, maybe you can brush your teeth with it. You’ve probably seen videos on social media of people using activated charcoal in face masks, in health supplements and even in toothpaste! Some people advocate using activated charcoal due to its detoxification properties, but, just like many home remedies, there…

Find a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124

Find a Guardian PPO Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124

Here’s what you need to know to find a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree. Looking for a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree? Here’s help finding a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree. Looking for an Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree? Here’s some important information needed to help you  in your search. You must use the appropriate…

Happy Mother’s Day – 2018

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Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful mothers out there.  We here at Creekside Endodontics would like to take a moment and celebrate all of the effort and love that mothers show everyday. We hope you get breakfast in bed, and a wonderful dinner at your favorite restaurant, and calls from…

4 Benefits of an In Network Assurant Endodontist

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Assurant Endodontist

If you’re looking for an Endodontist who accepts Assurant PPO Dental Insurance, you’re looking in the right place. But before you spend any time searching, please read this important information! To ensure that you maximize your dental insurance benefits, as well as avoid any problems or confusion, you must use the appropriate terminology – which…

IV Sedation Root Canal: How to Prepare

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CONSULTATION: PREPARING FOR AN IV SEDATION ROOT CANAL To insure a safe, comfortable IV sedation root canal experience, there are some important things to let your dentist know during your consultation. A complete medical history is critical and includes: All medical conditions for which you are currently receiving treatment Any and all medications prescribed by a…

Answers to 5 Important Dental Insurance Questions

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Dental Insurance Coverages

Dental insurance can serve many patients searching for affordable care.  Affordable dental care is equally important as quality dental care.  While it can be beneficial for patients with minimal dental treatment needs to self insure, others prefer the security of dental insurance to pay for dental emergencies and more significant dental care like root canals and…

Cold Sensitivity – Don’t Live in Fear of Cold Foods

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Causes of Cold Sensitivity

Do you avoid cold foods and drinks because the cold sensitivity hurts your teeth?  Tooth cold sensitivity should not be ignored, because it may be caused by something that needs to be fixed right away. Cold Sensitivity Due to Recession Sometimes, cold sensitivity is caused by the root of the tooth becoming exposed after gum recession.  The root does…

Pain Free Dental Visit for a Root Canal

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Andrew Stubbs Lone Tree Root Canal Specialist

Don’t make excuses to put off your root canal! We want to share 3 ways to help you reduce your anxiety and have a pain free dental experience. 1: Find an Accommodating Dentist that You Can Trust One simple way to determine how accommodating a dental office is: Call and Ask. A lot can be…