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Your search to find a In-Network Cigna PPO Endodontist in Lone Tree starts here.

Cigna PPO: Find an Endodontist Who Accepts Cigna PPO Insurance.

Find a Cigna Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124If you want to be sure that you will maximize your dental insurance benefits, while avoiding any future problems over billing, you have to use the appropriate terminology when looking for a Cigna PPO Endodontist to complete your root canal.

Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily.

Here’s the problem: people often use the terms, “Accepting” and “In-Network” interchangeably, but they have completely different meanings. You’ll be happy to know that Creekside Endodontics accepts most major dental insurance plans, and more importantly is also in-Network with the top Cigna Dental Insurance plans. As a Cigna policyholder, that will save money.

Let’s look at the difference in “Accepting” and “In-Network”

Find a Cigna Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124First up: “In-Network” Cigna PPO

Because we’re an in-Network provider, Creekside Endodontics is required to charge you predetermined fees negotiated by Cigna. You’ll get all the dental benefits you’re entitled to receive, but you’ll get them at maximum savings under your dental plan.

These predetermined fees are lower than our dental practice’s regular fees. The difference in fees can be substantial, but because our Endodontist eliminates the difference, our patients receive a significant discount on their bill. Cigna also reviews the bill to ensure that there are no unnecessary treatment charges added.

Next up: “Accepting” Cigna PPO

An Endodontist can “accept” Cigna insurance, but if they’re not an in-Network provider, they don’t have a signed contract with the insurance company. Which means they don’t have to limit their charges to the negotiated fees. Your insurance will be “accepted” and your benefits will be applied towards your bill, but there’s nothing in place to keep them from charging their regular fees. Bottom line: it will cost you more to use an Endodontist who is not in-Network with Cigna. And it could add up to a lot more.

3 Additional Benefits to an In-Network Cigna PPO Dentist

3 Additional Advantages of an In-Network Cigna PPO DentistUsing an In-Network Cigna has more benefits than just price, you get better service and more security.

Professionally Credentialed Cigna Provider

To become an in-network dental provider for Cigna, dentists must pass professional credentialing requirements.  To insure that dentists stay compliant, Cigna re-credentials dentists every year.  This ensures that you have quality professionals rendering your care.

Paperwork Filed Directly to Cigna

When you have treatment completed with an in-network Cigna dentist, your dentist will file all of the necessary dental claims and paperwork.  You simply go to the dental office and receive treatment, your dental office will do the rest.

Direct Payments Mean No Waiting For Reimbursement

Cigna pays your in-network dentist directly.  Without direct payment, a dental office may require you to pay the entire amount upfront and you would have to wait for Cigna to reimburse you.  However, with an in-network dentist, Cigna pays the dental office directly and you only need to pay your portion as described in your insurance policy.  After Cigna receives the claim, they will send you an Explanation of Benefits(EOB)  The EOB will inform you of what claims were submitted, your expected co-payment and your remaining benefits.

Ask the right question before you make a big mistake!

Cigna PPO - Are You In-Network?Instead of asking if the Endodontist “accepts” your insurance plan, ask if the Endodontist is an in-Network provider” with your insurance plan.

If you get an answer that’s, “Yes,” you’ll be using an Endodontist that has a signed contract with the insurance company and is required to accept the discounted fees set by the company. That means that as a patient, you’ll only pay the percentage that you agreed to when you signed up with the insurance plan. The Endodontist will eliminate any difference in fees – saving you money!

Just remember: if you use a dentist who “accepts” payment by Cigna PPO but isn’t an “in-Network” provider, any balance becomes your total responsibility. And that might end up costing you hundreds of dollars.

So you can see why it’s important to always ask the right question!

We’re proud to be an in-Network Cigna endodontist provider. We’ll handle all of your dental care, and all paperwork that Cigna requires. Most importantly, you’ll receive the negotiated fees for your dental treatment – saving you money.

Use Search Tool to help find a Cigna Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124

Cigna PPO - Provider Search ToolTo make your search for an In-Network Cigna PPO Endodontist easier, they have provided you with an easy-to-use search tool. That way you can have your root canal treatment performed at the negotiated rate, saving you a considerable amount of money.  Simply use the link below and enter your ZIP code. For a more customized search, enter your complete street address, but without an address, the search will begin from the center of the ZIP code you entered along with the city or state entered as well. Cigna Provider Network Search

In addition, Cigna has written an article on how to maximize your dental insurance.  By understanding how provider networks work, you can make the best treatment decisions.  The Cigna article  on provider networks covers many of the topics that we just discussed.

Professional Referral To a Cigna General Dentist

After your root canal treatment, you will need to restore your tooth to help protect it for a lifetime.  Like the Cigna PPO provider search tool, we are a great resource to help find a dentist to restore your tooth.  We have personal relationships with dentists and we see their work every day.  We can help pair you with a dentist that has your treatment needs in mind. Contact us at (303) 524-9343 and let us help you today.

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