Common Myths About Endodontics

We noticed that even with the safety of modern dental techniques, many patients are still scared of root canal treatments—the act of cleaning infected tissue out of the inside of a tooth.

However, those fears are usually based on myths, not on the reality of the treatment. After having a root canal procedure, most patients are happy with it! Their pain is relieved. So, let’s clear up some of the common myths about the root canal service.

1. Oh, the Pain!

Some patients are afraid a root canal procedure will be painful. But it’s actually the tooth infection that is painful. Our procedure focuses on removing the infection—thus, removing the source of that pain.

During the procedure, we’ll keep you comfortable. We’ll numb that pain with local anesthesia, and we can even provide dental sedation. Plus, our GentleWave technology cleans infections out more thoroughly than ever before, preventing painful infections from recurring.

2. How Can I Recover From This? 

You might be afraid of missing a lot of work or not being able to do other activities you enjoy after an endodontic procedure. But our patients are often shocked by their quick recovery times—especially if we use the GentleWave system. Some patients even go get some work done after a root canal treatment!

3. Just Pull It and Be Done With It

Some patients think a cheap extraction will be easier than root canal therapy. They just want the pain to be over. But a natural tooth is your best bet for a lifetime of healthy chewing and a winning smile. After an extraction, you would still need a tooth replacement eventually for better jawbone health and structure—and it wouldn’t even work as well as your natural tooth. Save your natural teeth whenever possible!

4. I’ll Have to Live With a Dead Tooth

Will your tooth be weakened and ruined after an extraction? Not at all! What a root canal service does is clean out infected tissue while saving the tough outer material of your tooth and roots. It only removes the nerves, which means you won’t feel heat or cold in that tooth, but those nerves don’t change the function and strength of your tooth.

5. What If I’m Having a Baby?

Pregnant women get root canal treatments. If your tooth is infected, it has to be done and fortunately is still safe for both you and your baby. When we take your x-ray, we’ll focus it carefully only on the tooth and cover your body with protective lead. Plus, our anesthetics won’t cause any problems for your unborn child.

6. It Doesn’t Hurt, So I Don’t Need a Root Canal

Your dentist or endodontist might tell you that you need a root canal service, even if you’re not in pain. That’s because we’re trained to recognize the signs of infection—like a meteorologist seeing that storm is brewing.

We know that bacteria is growing invisibly in the inner chamber of the tooth. It’s only a matter of time before it hits the nerves and attacks the tooth walls—it can even spread to your other teeth if you wait for treatment.

7. Goodbye, Tooth Roots

Some people think root canal services will destroy their tooth roots. However, this is not possible. Our service only takes out the soft tissue inside a tooth. In fact, more than 60% of your tooth is made up of roots, attached to your jaw. We, of course, must preserve them to let your tooth function.

8. This Is Just a Temporary Fix

Is a root canal service just a temporary pain reliever? Will you still lose your tooth eventually? No. After your treatment, we’ll discuss how to restore and protect your tooth for the long-term, with either a tooth cap or another method. Some patients keep their natural tooth forever. Just remember to brush, floss, and see us twice a year for checkups.

9. Will I Get a Disease?

A very old myth is that a root canal service will make you sick or even cause cancer. We think this came from before modern science understood where diseases come from.

Today, we are more vigilant than ever before at keeping a sanitary office, using advanced air filters, UV lights, protective oral dams, and other safety measures during procedures. We take infection seriously.

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