Dark Tooth – Restoring Your Perfect Smile

A dark tooth is a tooth that turns almost black because of a blood flow problem and the resulting dead tissue causes discoloration inside the tooth. Patients can get very upset when they see a dark tooth that is most noticeable when they smile.  In most instances, a dark tooth was caused by some kind of injury.  Sadly, these injuries usually affect the front teeth and are very noticeable to others.  In almost all instances, a root canal is required to save the tooth itself.

******It is very important to distinguish between a Dark/Gray/Black Tooth and a Yellow/Orange tooth.******

Dark Tooth Restoring Your Perfect SmileRestoring a Dark Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

After root canal treatment, it may be necessary to restore the whiteness of a darkened tooth. There are four ways that cosmetic dentists can do this:
  1. The simplest method to whiten a dark tooth is cosmetic dental whitening. This procedure uses a series of special bleaching agents that are applied both in the dentist office and at home.
  2. Apply cosmetic dental bonding resin over the front of the tooth to restore normal tooth color.
  3. Cosmetic dental veneers are  thin, porcelain sheets that mimic the natural color of surrounding teeth and lay right over the surface of the tooth.
  4. Porcelain crowns are an exceptionally hard substance and allows the patient to eat a normal diet. It prevents everyone from ever knowing that the person had a root canal.