Endodontists Specialize in Treating Dental Trauma Such as a Tooth Fracture

Endodontist Lone Tree, CO

For serious damage to a tooth, an endodontist is the right professional to see. This dentist focuses on repairing trauma caused by accidents and injuries. If you have never been to an endodontic office, you may feel some nervousness and anxiety. It is helpful to understand what will take place during this visit and how the dentist can help. There are a variety of treatments available to restore your smile and health.

More about what an endodontist is and does

A professional who practices endodontics is a dentist who completes a bachelor’s degree and graduates from an accredited dental school. After finishing these studies, the dentist will do a few more additional years of study and training in endodontics. This will include both coursework and hands-on work. An endodontist works with patients who are suffering from tooth pain and trauma. These will often be symptoms of severe decay and infections. These dentists can also help with preventive measures.

Causes of tooth fractures

Teeth are made of a dentin and enamel layer, with the latter being the hardest substance in the body. Still, teeth can suffer damage from trauma. Fractures can occur when there is enough force. For example, a person could fracture a tooth from a hard blow to the face from an object. Biting into something hard such as candy or a utensil can break a tooth.

Teeth can also break when the person does not brush or floss properly. This lack of attention can weaken the enamel and cause the tooth to deteriorate. The fracture can occur to any tooth. Molars commonly break when there is widespread decay.

Performing a root canal

Normally, when a tooth fractures, part of the pulp is exposed. This leaves it susceptible to bacteria, which can cause tremendous pain and put the tooth at risk for infection. A root canal can remove any infection and clean out the tooth. The dentist starts by numbing the patient.

Once the patient feels comfortable, the dentist will drill into the tooth and remove the pulp. This chamber contains vessels, nerves, and other tissue. The endodontist will take out any infection and decay. Then, the dentist seals the tooth.

Placing a crown

Once the endodontist finishes the root canal, a crown will be necessary. The dentist will take X-rays and make impressions before placing a temporary crown over the broken tooth. Once the permanent crown is ready, the dentist will invite the patient back into the office. The crown will cover the broken tooth, protecting it from more damage and preventing additional decay or infection.

The right professional to relieve tooth pain

A broken tooth presents some difficult challenges. The fracture will affect your smile and could be embarrassing. But it could also cause pain and make your tooth prone to decay and infection. An endodontist can repair your tooth and make your smile whole once again. Make an appointment today if you have fractured a tooth.

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