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Here’s what you need to know to find a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree.

Looking for a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree?

Find a Guardian PPO Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124Here’s help finding a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree.

Looking for an Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree? Here’s some important information needed to help you  in your search. You must use the appropriate terminology in order to eliminate any confusion as well as to make sure you maximize your dental insurance benefits.

While the terms, “accepting” and “in-Network” may be used interchangeably they have completely different meanings. Creekside Endodontics accepts most of the major dental insurance plans and is also in-Network with the top Guardian dental insurance plans.

So what’s the difference between “accepting” and “in-Network?”

Good question!

Here’s Information on “In-Network” Guardian PPO Insurance

Save Money with a Guardian PPO Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124An Endodontist who is “in-network” with a dental insurance company has a signed contract with the company. This contract provides you with peace-of-mind, as it helps to ensure that you receive all of the dental insurance benefits you’re entitled to, and that you are able to receive maximum savings with your plan. The in-network dental office adheres to all predetermined fees set by the insurance company. The difference between the dental office’s standard pricing and the discounted pricing is eliminated by the dentist, providing the patient with a discount.  As an added benefit, the dental insurance company will make sure that no unnecessary treatment charges are added to the total.

Here’s Information on “Accepting” Guardian PPO Insurance

What about an Endodontist who is accepting Guardian dental insurance? If they are not “in-network” there is no contract between the insurance company and the Endodontist. While they will “accept” your Guardian insurance benefits and apply them towards your total charges, they do not have to abide by the insurance company’s conditions, terms or more importantly, their pricing. That means there is no obligation on their part to discount the cost of treatment in order to comply with the insurance company’s published fee schedule. As the patient, you will be responsible for the additional costs involved in your treatment.

Be sure to ask the right question about a Guardian Endodontist!

Often, patients call the Endodontist and ask, “Do you accept my insurance plan?” The right question should be, “are you in-Network with my insurance plan?” Remember, in-Network Guardian Endodontists have a signed contract and agree to accept the discounted fee set and negotiated by the insurance company. As the patient, you will simply pay your percentage as you agreed to with your insurance plan, and if there is any balance, it is eliminated by the dentist.

But if you choose to use a dentist who “accepts” payment by Guardian Dental Insurance, but are not “in-Network” – then the balance will become totally your responsibility. That’s why it’s so important to be sure you are asking the right question! Otherwise, you could be liable for hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.

You can rest easy knowing that Creekside Endodontics is an in-Network provider with Guardian Dental Insurance. We’ll take care of your dental treatment and take care of the paperwork required by Guardian. Because you’re using an in-Network dentist, you’ll end up saving a significant amount of money on your dental treatment!

Find a Guardian Endodontist in Lone Tree With the Insurance Search Tool

Guardian Dental Insurance would like to help you find an Endodontist who accepts Guardian and is an in-Network Endodontist who will complete your root canal treatment.

Use the link below, and then enter your ZIP code. If you’d like a more customized search, simply enter your complete street address.  If no address is entered, then the search will begin from the center of the ZIP code that was entered, along with the city or state that you enter.

Guardian Insurance Search Tool


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