GentleWave Endo Technology

GentleWave Endo

Gentle Wave EndoGentle Wave endo is a revolutionary way to achieve the goals of root canal therapy.  To achieve the goals of root canal therapy, Gentle Wave uses breakthrough technology to clean the root canal space and remove bacteria, tissue and debris.  Broad spectrum acoustic energy enables root canal fluids to travel through the  root canal system and clean areas that were previously difficult.  Gentle Wave technology enhances standard root canal instrumentation and effectively removes root canal irrigants, tissue and bacteria.

The Goal of Root Canal Therapy

Cleaning and Shaping the Root Canal Space

Root Canal TreatmentThe goal of root canal therapy is to remove irritants, tissue remnants, and bacteria from the root canal space.  When the root canal space is not properly cleaned, the surrounding bone can become irritated and become tender and swollen.  Root canal spaces are traditionally cleaned mechanically and chemically. Canals are mechanically enlarged with dental drills and files to create a path for cleaning irrigants.  Then, cleaning irrigants are used to chemically clean the canals. The most common irrigant used to clean root canals is sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, is effective in both dissolving tissue remnants and killing bacteria.

Traditional Root Canal Shaping

To accomplish the goals of cleaning the entire tooth root, it has traditionally been necessary to overenlarge the top of the canal.  Large dental drills, like Gates-Gliddens, efficiently enlarge the top of the root canal space so that the irrigants can reach the bottom of the root.  Removing tooth structure can weaken the tooth and increase the chance of root fractures. Additionally, overenlargement of the canal can lead to root perforation and the eventual extraction of the tooth.

Removal of the Dental Smear Layer

Shaping the root canal creates dental dust inside the canal.  The dental dust mixes with moisture in the canal and becomes debris sludge.  During instrumentation, dental files press this debris sludge against the walls of the root surface, which can trap irritants and bacteria.  If left uncleaned, this bacteria can cause failure of root canal treatment. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a root canal irrigant that efficiently cleans away the smear layer.  Like bleach, EDTA traditionally requires enlarging the root canal space to allow sufficient fluid flow.

How GentleWave Endo Works

Gentle Wave endo creates a vortex of procedure fluids in the root canal and reduces the need to enlarge to enlarge the root canals. and increases cleaning efficiency.  Broad spectrum acoustic energy creates a useful cavitation cloud that dissolves tissue and aid to carry the debris away.

Gentle Wave Endo Cost

Currently, there is not an ADA code for treatment with the Gentle Wave technology.  Creekside Endodontics is committed to helping patients achieve the best treatment outcomes possible.  Dr. Stubbs is an Elite GentleWave Provider and feels that the Gentle Wave Technology is the best way to clean the root canal space. He wants all of his patients to experience the Gentle Wave difference.  For a limited time, Creekside Endodontics is offering the Gentle Wave treatment for an 80% discount.  Contact our office today to experience the Gentle Wave Difference.