How an Endodontist Is a Specialist in Saving Teeth

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You know it is time to call an endodontist if you are having severe tooth pain. Most people have occasional tooth pain or sensitivity, but if the issue is persistent or overwhelming, there could be a serious problem. Endodontists have the knowledge and training to diagnose the condition and effectively treat it. By doing so, this dentist can save your tooth and prevent extraction and the need to replace it.

Taking care of teeth to preserve them

With the right care and attention, teeth should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene and other habits can contribute to concerns such as tooth decay and infections. Brushing with fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice a day will help to prevent these issues. Daily flossing is also critical. Also, visiting the dentist at least every six months will keep a patient’s oral health on track. These appointments enable the dentist to spot problems before they become more difficult to manage.

Signs that it is time to see an endodontist

Many patients will not have to visit endodontists in their life. However, there are some clues that such a trip is necessary to save a tooth. If a toothache is so severe that it affects a person’s ability to function, profound decay is likely. Other signs include if the pain is getting more severe and does not go away after taking medication. If the pain is radiating into the jaw and throughout the mouth, it is time to seek help.

Endodontists and their purpose

An endodontist’s role is to focus on helping patients who have tooth pain. This dentist study’s the pulp portion of the tooth and how it affects the tooth’s health. An endodontist can diagnose conditions such as infections and administer the proper treatment to save the tooth. Primarily, this dentist will perform a root canal to remove extensive decay and infections.

The root canal process

Instead of extracting an infected tooth, the endodontist may be able to use a root canal to spare it. In this procedure, the dentist will numb the patient’s mouth and then drill into the toot. Once the dentist reaches the pulp, which contains nerves and vessels, the dentist will remove it. The endodontist also cleans out the tooth and may use an antibiotic to disinfect it. After sealing the tooth, the dentist may cap it with a crown.

Other types of damage and treatment

Pain in the mouth can also result from a knocked-out tooth. The endodontist may also be able to save the tooth and avoid replacing it with an artificial one. To do this, the dentist will place the tooth back in the socket. Then, to keep it from moving, the dentist will splint it in place. This allows the damaged bone to heal.

Saving a tooth and oral health

In a time of need, an endodontist can come to the rescue. Even if the damage is serious, this dentist may be able to preserve the tooth. Make sure to call an endodontics office if you have lost a tooth or are experiencing pain. There are effective measures to relieve your suffering.

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