How Long Does a Root Canal Take in One Visit?

Many people are busy in these modern times. You may not have time to visit your endodontist for multiple appointments. It may be a difficult trip to get here, or you might just prefer to get your root canal treatment over with in one appointment. 

For many reasons, we aim to finish your root canal treatment in one visit. This is much more convenient for you. Plus, we use technology, including the GentleWave® Procedure to make the process faster. 

What Happens in a Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal treatment has to take some time because it involves accessing the interior of a damaged and/or infected tooth. We then clean out and disinfect the tissues inside a tooth, fill it with sterile material, and close the tooth again. 

A typical root canal treatment can last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how severe the infection is and how many roots the tooth has. Here are some examples: 

  • Molar:

    A back tooth with up to four roots can take 90 minutes or longer to completely clean out (although GentleWave can minimize this). 

  • Premolars:

    For teeth with only one or two roots, further forward than molars, it takes anywhere from 45–90 minutes to perform a root canal. 

  • Incisors and Canines:

    These teeth are smaller and are single-rotted, their root canals only take about 30–60 minutes to complete. 

After your root canal, you may need a crown to reinforce the recently infected tooth. At Creekside Endodontics, we usually allow our referring dentist to complete that portion of your tooth restoration, so your visit with us will be shorter than at other endodontists’.

What Goes Into a Two-session Root Canal?

When an endodontist or dentist decides to perform a root canal treatment over two appointments, they usually spend the first appointment cleaning the interior of the tooth with endodontic tools. They then protect the interior of the tooth with an antibacterial substance. 

During the second appointment, they work on the exterior of the tooth, adding a filling, dental crown, or other treatment to protect the tooth in the long-term. 

You can receive as many of these services as possible in a single appointment. Some teeth may only need 30 minutes of cleaning, for example. Other teeth may take up to 90 minutes, though. Ask us about the complexity of your case and ask how long it should take for a more precise estimate.

A Faster Process With GentleWave®

At Creekside Endodontics, we also offer the GentleWave® Procedure method and technology. The GentleWave instrument sends fluid into the smallest parts of your tooth roots, channeling ultrasonic cleaning waves through the fluid. 

Some teeth have complex interior anatomies, including microscopic channels where bacteria can hide. The vortex of cleaning fluid used by GentleWave seeks out all these spaces and cleans them thoroughly, vastly improving your chances for a successful outcome. 

Plus, GentleWave is designed to be finished in one session, because it replaces the slower manual process of cleaning out a tooth with files. This can both save you time and protect the walls of your teeth from old-style instruments.

Discuss the Healthiest Option With Us

Although convenience and speed are nice, we also are interested in the healthiest outcome for you. Don’t let any impatience cause you to rush this process. During your initial appointment, we’ll recommend the healthiest treatment option to you. If one appointment works best, we’ll recommend that. If an additional appointment is right for you, we’ll let you know. 

In any case, we’ll relieve your pain as soon as possible. With current best practices and technology, we’ll clean out any infection and aim to save and strengthen your tooth. Contact Creekside Endodontics today for an appointment.