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Find an  Endodontist Who is In-Network with Humana PPO Insurance.

Humana PPO - Smiling WomanIf you’re someone that’s looking for an endodontist that’ll accept your Humana Insurance to successfully cover your root canal, then there are certain factors that you should take into account. Using the right words is essential to ensure that there’s no uncertainty on either side and that you benefit the most from your insurance benefits. You may have noticed that “accepting” and “in-network” are often used in the same context while in truth have completely different assertions. Creekside Endodontics “accepts” almost all the major dental insurance plans and is “in-network” most widely used Humana PPO dental plans.


Accepting Humana PPO Insurance

Humana PPO - Save Money With an In-Network EndodontistShould you come across an endodontist that accepts Humana Insurance, but it isn’t on their network; this means that the endodontist is not under contract. They will probably accept the benefits of your Humana insurance; however they’re not bound by the terms and conditions of your insurance company. Furthermore, dental offices that do accept your insurance are also not obligated to offer you any discounts that may have been indicated in your insurance company’s fee schedule. It is your responsibility to pay any and all additional costs.

In-network Humana PPO  Dentist

If a dentist is in-network with your dental insurance provider, then they’ve signed a mutual contract with one another. This contract ensures that you’ll get the most out of your insurance benefits while maximizing any savings you may have been planning on. You can expect the same price as indicated in your pre-determined fee schedule. If there is a discrepancy in the price of the treatment and the one promised to you then it will be written off by the dentist. The dental insurance company would also ensure that you would not be billed any sort of additional charges for your treatment.

3 Additional Benefits of an In-Network Humana PPO Dentist

3 Additional Benefits to Using a Humana PPO DentistDiscounted price isn’t the only benefit of an in-network Humana PPO dentist, convenience and quality are important aspects too. There are three additional benefits to using a dentist that is in-network with your Humana PPO insurance.

Professionally Credentialed Humana PPO Dentist

Humana PPO insures that their contracted dentist complete professional credentialling to insure quality.  Additionally, dentists must re-credential yearly to insure that they remain within standards.

Less Paperwork with an In-Network Humana PPO Dentist

When you use an in-network Humana PPO dentist, your dentist will submit all Humana dental claims and required paperwork.  You simply arrive for treatment and your dentist does the rest.  Less paperwork is a great added convenience.

No Waiting for Reimbursement with an In-Network PPO Dentist

Dentists who simply accept Humana PPO insurance as partial payment may require you to pay the full amount at the time of treatment.  You would have to wait for your dental claim to process to receive reimbursement. However, with an in-network Humana PPO dentist, payment is made directly to the dental office from Humana.  You simply pay your portion described in your insurance policy at time of treatment.  After your claim is completed, Humana will send an Explanation of Benefits(EOB) that will detail your paid claim, your required portion and your remaining benefits.

IMPORTANT QUESTION – “Are You In-Network With My Humana PPO Insurance?”

Humana PPO - Important QuestionPatients commonly ask “Is my insurance accepted here?” when in reality the question should be “Are you in-network with my Humana PPO insurance?” In-network dentists often have a prior agreement with the insurance company. This would allow their patients to pay the prices that have been agreed upon in the original plan. If there’s any incongruity in the payment, it’ll be written off by the dentist.

However, if you choose a dentist that accepts payment through Humana PPOInsurance then the remaining balance is your burden to shoulder. You can expect a difference of hundreds of dollars in addition to your out-of-pocket costs.

Creekside Insurance feels honored and privileged to be In-Network with Humana Insurance. It’ll be our responsibility to carry out the treatment and forward the due paperwork over to Humana. Expect to save hundreds of dollars as a result on your treatments.

Humana PPO – Provider Search Tool

Humana PPO - Find a Humana EndodontistHumana Insurance hopes to aid your efforts to find an endodontists that’ll accept Humana Insurance. The benefits of using an in-network endodontist for your root canal are not hidden from Humana. Humana offers an online provider search tool for Humana PPO providers.  Simply click on the link below and click on the “GO” button.  For more accurate results, enter your zip code in the information box.

Humana would also like you to understand your PPO insurance and has written an article to explain their programs.  Many of the topics have already been discussed in this article, but it is written in the insurance’s prospective.  If you would like additional information, it is worth the time to read.

Specialty Referral To Humana PPO Dentist

In addition to the Humana online provider search tool, Creekside Endodontics is another source for finding a general dentist who is in-network with Humana PPO insurance.  We have personal relationships with Humana dentists and we see their dental work every day.  Contact us today at (303) 524-9343 and we will help pair you with a great general dentist in the area to complete your treatment.

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