Lone Tree Endodontist – Meet Dr. Andrew Stubbs

 Lone Tree Endodontist – Meet Dr. Andrew Stubbs

Dr. Andrew Stubbs, your Lone Tree endodontist, is an dentist specializing in advanced root canal treatment.  Dr. Stubbs is particularly adept at treating patients with fear and anxiety of root canal treatment.  Having received specialty training, Dr. Stubbs offers, nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation during treatment.

Lone Tree Endodontist

“Hi, my name is Dr Andrew Stubbs and I’m an endodontist in Lone Tree, Colorado.  My treatment philosophy is simple.  I want to help people smile again. When people need a root canal, they aren’t smiling anymore.  When they come in, they could be in pain, they can have swollen gums or sensitivity to hot and cold.  It affects the way they are at work and affects the way that they interact with their family.  I like to help them get out of pain and get back with their normal life.

The reason why I became an endodontist is so I could do advanced endodontic treatments.  When I was in the military, I had some mentors that were helping me and one was an endodontist.   I really liked what he was able to do and I liked that he was able to do it consistently every day.”

Lone Tree Endodontist – Sedation Dentistry

“I like doing sedation dentistry because it gives me the best opportunity to give them a gentle and pain free experience.  When they come in needing a root canal, they are often experiencing discomfort and anxiety.  It is important to me that I can help them overcome this and help manage it, so that they can have the best experience possible.”

Friendy and Compassionate Staff

“There are many people out there that have trained to be dental assistants, but we have hired the most compassionate dental assistants out there.  They love to do hand holding, they love guiding people through the experience and they really make a difference in the appointment.

One of my favorite and most overlooked parts of dentistry is the consultation. That’s an important time when they can tell me what’s wrong, how this root canal pain is affecting their life and what we can do to overcome it.  Then we can talk about their anxieties, what they are feeling, what they are worried about and what concerns them. I can explain the root canal procedure to them and I can explain their sedation options.  We can match the sedation that is best for them.  Often times, we can get you in for same day treatment and we can get you out of pain so you can get back to your regular life.”

Dr. Andrew Stubbs - Lone Tree EndodontistDr. Andrew Stubbs is an endodontic specialist in Lone Tree, CO.  He is a graduate of Boston University and maintains an ecofriendly dental practice.  Dr. Stubbs specializes in root canal treatment and provides sedation  dental treatment for patients from all over the Denver area.


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