MetLife Dental Insurance: Benefits of Using an In-Network Provider


Finding affordable endodontic treatment by seeking treatment with an IN-NETWORK DENTIST with MetLife Dental Insurance can save you hundreds of dollars on a single root canal procedure.  Ask your dentist to refer you to a root canal specialist that is In-Network with MetLife to insure that you are receiving the most affordable price on your root canal procedure.

MetLife offers some of their insights on how to choose a dentist.

By electing to be treated by a provider that is not In-Network with your MetLife Dental Insurance Plan, you may potentially pay hundreds of dollars extra in out-of-pocket expenses.

What is the potential difference between an “In-Network” (participating) and an “Accepting” dental practice?  The following example shows how you may pay $360 with an In-Network Dentist instead of $790 with a dentist that “accepts” your insurance.

That is $430in savings for the same procedure!!

IN-NETWORK (Participating):

“In-Network (Participating)” means that the dental office has a contractual relationship with the insurance company and that the dentist must charge what the insurance company tells them to charge and nothing more.

For example: Let’s say that a dentist’s fee for a root canal is $1150.00 but the insurance company says that the dentist can only charge $720.00. The dentist must discount his normal fee to $720.00. Depending on the policy, out of that $720.00, the insurance company might pay half($360.00) and the patient might pay half($360.00).


“Accepting” means the dental office will accept or allow that type of insurance to be used as payment.

Example: Let’s compare the case of a root canal. The normal price that the dentist would charge for a root canal is $1150.00. The insurance company says that it will pay $360.00 of the root canal procedure. The patient is responsible for the remaining $790.00.

Out of Pocket Expenses $360 vs. $790

There are MANY different plans for each insurance company and each plan may vary in the specifics of the benefits provided!!!

Creekside Endodontics - Lone Tree Endodontics SpecialistsCreekside Endodontics is an In-Network Provider for MetLife Dental Insurance.  Contact Us at (303) 524-9343 to discuss your specific MetLife Dental Insurance Plan with our Dental Insurance Professionals.