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Find a MetLife PPO Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124If you are trying to find a Denver metro area MetLife endodontist who is in-network with  MetLife PPO insurance to complete your root canal, there is some very important information that you should know.  It is crucial to use the correct terminology to avoid confusion and to insure you get the most out of your insurance benefits.  The two terms “accepting” and “in-network” are often used interchangeably, but they have significantly different meanings.  Creekside Endodontics accepts most major insurance plans and is In-Network with the most popular of MetLife dental plans. I’ll show you how this difference can reduce your dental treatment costs and keep more money in your pocket.

Sheri’s Story: Saving With an In-Network MetLife Endodontist in Denver

MetLife PPO - Sheri's StorySheri came to my office near Denver when she started feeling pain in her upper molar.  She had to adjust her eating habits after her tooth became tender to biting and she developed cold sensitivity.  Sheri understood the importance of finding an in-network endodontist and asked her dentist, Dr. Jeff Johnson, to refer her to an endodontist who was in-network with her MetLife PPO insurance.  Sheri’s treatment plan included an exam, x-ray and a root canal with nitrous oxide sedation.  Usually, these root canal services would cost $1393, however, with the MetLife discount Sheri’s total price is only $790…a savings of over 40%.

In addition to her savings on root canal treatment, Sheri saved money on her crown at Dr. Johnson’s office.  After root canal therapy, patient’s return to their general dentist for a core buildup and a crown.  Sheri will save an additional 40% on these services also.  By the end of her treatment, Sheri will have saved over $1000 in out-of-pocket costs.  That money stays in her pocket!

Why choose an In-Network MetLife Endodontist?

Why choose an In-Network MetLife PPO Dentist?Most MetLife dental  insurance plans allow patients the freedom to choose any dentist they want; but, to get the most out of your insurance, you should choose an in-network dentist.


In-network MetLife PPO dentists agree to accept predetermined fees, which are usually significantly discounted from usual charges. In-network MetLife dentists also agree not to bill patients for differences between the MetLife contracted fees and their usual charges.

No waiting for reimbursement

When you are treated by a in-network MetLife dentist, you don’t have to pay the entire bill and then wait for reimbursement from MetLife. Instead, MetLife pays your in-network dentist directly and sends you a notice explaining your portion of the bill.

Less paperwork

In-network MetLife dentists handle all claims forms and other paperwork, making it as easy as possible to help you get the care you need.  After your treatment and claims submission, MetLife will mail you an explanation of benefits(EOB) to explain your remaining benefits.

Only the Best

All In-network MetLife dentists must meet professionally required credentialing standards. MetLife re-credentials providers regularly to ensure standards are maintained.

MetLife PPO: Accepting vs. In-Network

Accepting MetLife PPO (Not in-network dental insurance)

The dentists have no contract if they are simply accepting the MetLife insurance and are not in-network. This simply means that whatever the terms and conditions applied by your insurance company, the dentists that are not in-network shall not be liable to follow the rules of your insurance company. Though, your MetLife insurance benefits can be accepted as a partial payment, they are not liable to follow the discounted price of the treatment plan mentioned in the predetermined fee schedule of your insurance company. Therefore, the patient held liable to pay the additional cost.

Save $$$ with an In-Network MetLife PPO Dentist

In-Network with MetLife PPO

This requires an dentist to sign a contract with your insurance plan. With this, you can get the maximum benefits from your insurance plan and also you save more. First of all, your insurance company will define a predetermined fee schedule for an in-network dental office. The difference between the regular price and the discounted price will be written by the dentist. You will receive a discount on your plan and can save your money. Furthermore, there will be no unnecessary or hidden charges apply to your treatment plan by the dental insurance company.

“Do You Accept In-Network With MetLife PPO Insurance?”

MetLife PPO Dentist - Are You in Network?The most commonly asked questions by the patients is “Are you willing to accept my insurance?” instead of asking “Are you In-Network with my insurance?” The dentist who is in-network has agreed upon the previous negotiated fee with the insurance company. Then, according to the plan patients are required to pay the defined percentage and the remaining balance will be written off by the dentist.

And make sure, if you are not going to ask for an in-network dentist or are simply going to a dentist who accepts MetLife Dental Insurance Payment policy, the balance becomes under your responsibility. This big difference can make you to spend dollars and you may become out of pocket.

Creekside Endodontics is an in-network provider with MetLife PPO Dental Insurance. Working with us is most beneficial for you as we will just not complete your treatment, but also all the necessary paperwork. Now, you can have the choice to save hundreds of dollars by using in-network dentist facility.

MetLife Insurance Search Tool 

MetLife PPO Provider Search ToolMetLife wants to help you and provides a search tool find an endodontist who accepts MetLife PPO insurance, because they understand the benefits of using an In Network endodontist to complete your root canal treatment.  Click on the link below and enter your zip code.  For more customized results, enter your exact address. If you do not use an exact address, the search will start from the center of the area identified, based on the ZIP code, city or state you provide.

Additionally, MetLife offers some of their insights on how to choose a dentist.

Endodontic Specialist Referrals

Although Creekside Endodontics specializes in root canal treatments, we are a great resource for finding general dentists.  We work with general dentists throughout the Denver Metro Area.  We know these dentists personally and we see their dental work every day.  With this extra information, we can help pair you with a general dentist that fits your personality and treatment needs.  Finding a general dentist that is in-network with your insurance is also very important. We can give you a few options to work with and then you can do your own research reading their online reviews.  We want to help you find a general dentist that you can visit for life.

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