Oral Sedation: Overcoming Dental Fears

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If you’re afraid of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Did you know there’s a way of overcoming the fears that may have kept you from visiting your dentist for necessary treatment? With the techniques of modern oral sedation, Dr. Stubbs can ease your apprehension, and even make the entire experience pain-free. You no longer need to avoid that root canal that is necessary to restore you to dental health.

What is Oral Sedation?

Dr. Stubbs is licensed to administer a combination of anxiety-relieving (anxiolytic) and pain-blocking (anesthetic) drugs, some of which even have an amnesic effect and may cause you to forget about the treatment.  If you have avoided IV sedation because of fear of needles, there’s good news: oral sedation does not require needles to induce the effect. After the effects of sedation set in, standard anesthesia delivery is still necessary, but is much more manageable

Oral conscious sedation, a popular method for delivering sedatives, gives us a choice of medications that can be used in various situations. An oral sedative can be delivered before arriving for the appointment, to make you more comfortable.

Alternatives to Oral Sedation

Inhalation conscious sedation, delivery of nitrous oxide through a mask that fits over the nose , is the most popular method that’s needle-free. It provides a mild sense of euphoria during treatment, with no “hangover” effect afterward.

IV sedation is another popular method to alleviate dental fears. With intravenous conscious sedation, medication is delivered directly into the blood stream for an immediate and highly controllable effect. Dr. Stubbs incorporates nurse anesthetists into his dental team. The nurse anesthetist will monitor your vital and sedation levels, allowing Dr. Stubbs to provide the best in endodontic care. This team approach provides a safer, more complete sedation dental experience.

Before using any type of sedation, Dr. Stubbs will ask you for a complete health history and monitor you closely during and after the procedure.

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Dr. Andrew Stubbs Lone Tree Endodontics SpecialistAndrew Stubbs, DMD is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontists.  He is a graduate of Boston University and maintains an ecofriendly dental practice in Lone Tree, CO.  Dr. Stubbs specializes in root canal treatment and provides sedation  dental treatment for patients from all over the Denver area.