Winter Weather Woes: How the Cold Can Worsen Your Dental Issues

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Woman feeling cold

When you eat something cold, like ice cream, do you experience sudden and sharp tooth pain? If so, you may be suffering from hypersensitivity. When your enamel—the hard, outer layer of your teeth—wears down over time, your dental nerves can become exposed to extreme temperatures which lead to sensitivity and discomfort. But what you eat…

Is Santa Bringing Charcoal Toothpaste to Naughty Boys and Girls?

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Is Santa Bringing Charcoal Toothpaste this Year?

If Santa puts coal in your stocking, maybe you can brush your teeth with it. You’ve probably seen videos on social media of people using activated charcoal in face masks, in health supplements and even in toothpaste! Some people advocate using activated charcoal due to its detoxification properties, but, just like many home remedies, there…

United Healthcare PPO Endodontist Lone Tree

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Find an In-Networl United Healthcare PPO Endodontist Lone Tree

4 Benefits of Using a United Healthcare PPO Endodontist Using an in-network United Healthcare endodontist has four benefits that will make life easier and save you money.  Dental insurance is instrumental in helping patients get the care they need with common dental care issues, including root canal treatment.  Maximize your insurance and see how easy…

MetLife Insurance – Accepting or In-Network?

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In this article, you will have some useful information about Endodontists and MetLife insurance. Finding an Endodontist who will accept MetLife insurance is not so difficult task, but it is necessary to avoid confusion by using the correct terminology. Make sure that you get the maximum output from the insurance benefits.  There are two terms…

Humana PPO: Humana Endodontist in Lone Tree 80124

Humana PPO - Find a Humana Endodontist

Find an  Endodontist Who is In-Network with Humana PPO Insurance. If you’re someone that’s looking for an endodontist that’ll accept your Humana Insurance to successfully cover your root canal, then there are certain factors that you should take into account. Using the right words is essential to ensure that there’s no uncertainty on either side…