Pediatric Root Canal: Kid-Friendly

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Words have the power to change your child’s entire dental appointment.  Kids may experience apprehension or anxiety from their toothache or dental emergency.  It is important to use a kid-friendly set of words to help young patients feel calm and informed during their appointments.

When talking about the dentist at home, keep our special terminology in mind.  Fun and helpful word substitutions provide a sense of understanding, while nurturing a positive attitude about dental care for years to come. After all, going to the dentist should be fun, not scary!

Pediatric Root Canal Terms

Here are some of the most common pediatric dental terms used at Creekside Endodontics:

Dental Terminology⇒Kid-friendly Terminology

Nitrous Oxide or Oxygen⇒ Magic Air or Laughing Gas

Root Canal⇒ Clean the Sugar Bugs Inside of the Tooth

Root Canal File⇒ Sugar Bug Ladder

Rubber Dam⇒ Tooth Trampoline

Rubber Dam Clamp⇒ Tooth Ring

Topical Anesthetic⇒ Numbing Candy, Tickle Gel

Injection or Shot⇒ Balloon Medicine

Air or Suction⇒ Vacuum or Straw

Cavities⇒ Sugar Bugs

X-ray⇒ Picture

X-ray Unit⇒ Camera

Leaded Apron⇒  Cape or Blanket

Explorer⇒ Tooth Counter

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Andrew Stubbs Lone Tree Root Canal SpecialistAndrew Stubbs, DMD is a specialist member of the American Association of   Endodontists.  He is a graduate of Boston University and maintains an ecofriendly dental practice in Lone Tree, CO.  Dr. Stubbs specializes in root canal treatment and provides sedation  dental treatment for patients from all over the Denver area.


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