Prevent Root Canals: Daily Hygiene

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There are several ways to get kids excited about their oral hygiene! Building early oral hygiene habits can help prevent early dental disease and build a foundation for a lifetime of happy smiles! If your child hates dental visits or has a hard time with home oral care, these ways can help convince children that having good oral hygiene habits can be fun!  

6 Tricks to Prevent Root Canals with Daily Hygiene

  1. Colored Flossers. Make flossing a fun activity to practice everyday. Let them pick out their favorite colored flosser and show them to floss correctly. It’s very good to start this habit of flossing once a day at a very young age foe every tooth that touches another tooth.
  2. Flavored toothpaste. This is also a fun way to encourage children to want to brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day.
  3. Set goals and rewards. Setting up a reward system can help children get more benefit (in addition to healthy teeth and gums) from healthy dental care habits. Use an incentive that your child enjoys, whether it’s a trip to the store, purchasing a book they’ve always wanted, etc.
  4. Share the experience with them. Tell your children how you brush and floss, do it with them. Help them understand that healthy teeth and gums do not come naturally. Taking care of teeth and gums should be a daily habit.
  5. Let them choose their own toothbrush. There are many different colors, shapes, sizes and characters to choose from, so let them choose their favorite.  Even if you know exactly what they will choose, let it be their decision.
  6. Buy a kid’s book pertaining to brushing and flossing. Kids love stories and characters. Combining healthy dental habits and reading can help encourage children to keep up with good brushing and flossing habits.

Supporting your child’s oral healthcare habits can spare them from dental disease and preventable dental treatment like root canals.

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