Should I Ask My Dentist for Sedation?

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Why request sedation dentistry? Do you feel intense anxiety when you think about scheduling a dental visit? Have you experienced more than your fair share of dental pain and sensitivity?

If so, your next visit might be better with added dental sedation. You may not hear many patients talking about receiving sedation dentistry because you have limited interactions with them, but we see hundreds of patients in our office; there are a significant number of them that benefit from sedation.

At Creekside Endodontics, we of course use sedation and local anesthetic for complex procedures. But what about simple, everyday procedures? What about routine visits? You can ask for sedation during those too!

There’s no judgement or embarrassment involved. We are happy to relieve your pain and discomfort so that you can get the treatments you need.

How Do I Get Sedation?

Here’s some good news: you can feel much, much better with sedation. And there are different types and doses for different levels of need.

These different levels include:

  • Laughing Gas: If you have mild anxiety, this is perfect for you. You will simply breathe normally into a very small mask and quickly feel more relaxed and content. After more than 100 years of use, we know laughing gas is safe and will leave your system in minutes after your visit.
  • Oral Sedation: For higher anxiety or sensitivity, this solution is as simple as swallowing a pill or liquid, which you’ll do before your procedure. You’ll experience an even more profound relaxation, calm, and freedom from pain and anxiety. Some patients don’t even remember their procedure later. This will require a ride home afterwards too.
  • IV Sedation: For the highest levels of anxiety, we can administer medication directly to the bloodstream. This will give you powerful relief nearing sleep. You’ll need a friend or family member to take you home afterwards.

Do you need to have a complicated procedure to get sedation? No. Tell us over the phone that you need it. Tell us anything! We have seen every condition and situation before. We’re happy to give you sedation so that you can be relieved of the dental challenges you’re facing.

Sedation Dentistry Enhances Health

When you haven’t visited the dentist for some time—possibly avoiding services because of pain and anxiety—dental problems can develop. Cavities can form, teeth can wear down unevenly, your gums can become infected, and much more!

It’s even possible for bacterial infections to enter your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body. This has been linked to organ damage, heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic issues related to your overall health and safety.

That’s why sedation dentistry is for much more than your teeth and gums. If sedation is the only way you can visit your general dentist or Creekside Endodontics, we recommend it. It can save you from major health problems.

Plus, the sooner you catch certain dental problems, the easier they will be to resolve. You can resolve a tooth problem either with:

  • A quick procedure and a dental crown today, OR
  • Wait until the problem gets bad enough you need a tooth extraction and dental restoration on top.

We think it’s an easy choice. Simply ask us for dental sedation to ease your worries about your visit!

If visiting a dentist gives you anxiety, visit us sooner for simpler procedures, which will save you from the worst of it.

Take One Step: Contact Creekside Endodontics

If you’ve been avoiding dental work for some time, it’s common to feel more and more anxiety and regret as time goes on. But you can contact us. We won’t mention how long it has been. Just tell a friendly team member that you need sedation dentistry for anxiety or sensitivity.

You could even have a friend or family member call us and explain the situation. If you feel that you will put off the call, let someone else set up the appointment. However you do it, we’ll be glad to see you soon. You’ll enjoy our warm, friendly atmosphere, and you’ll be profoundly relieved once this is all over with. It all starts with a single step.