Sit Back and Relax: How Sedation Dentistry Gives you Healthy Teeth

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Terrified woman covering her mouthDental anxiety is the term used to describe the fear, stress, and anxiety that some people feel on a regular dentist visit. It is estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of dental anxiety. For some of them, the anxiety can be so severe that their dentist may find that regular procedures may be impossible to perform.

Enter: sedation dentistry. Also known as “sleep dentistry,” sedation dentistry is when a dentist uses sedatives to help their patient relax. The sedatives can come in various forms, from mild, minimal sedation to deep sedation. These can be inhaled like nitrous oxide, ingested in pill or liquid form, or done intravenously, as with general anesthesia. The dentist chooses the type of sedation to use depending on the nature of the procedure to be done and the patient’s level of anxiety.

There are many reasons to get sedation dentistry.

It’s Comfortable

By getting sedation dentistry, you will experience the most comfortable, anxiety-free trip to the dentist ever. The dentist will sedate you just enough so that you can be calm and relaxed while the dentist works on your teeth. If the procedure calls for general anesthesia, you may even have little to no memory of the treatment upon waking up.

The Dentist Works Faster

While you’re under, you won’t be shifting your body or moving your mouth as much while the dentist is working. With sedation dentistry, the dentist will be able to work uninterrupted. They won’t have to worry about gag reactions or stiff, tense muscles, and can move you into position more easily, so they can work on your teeth more quickly and efficiently. This means that you will be able to get out of the dentist chair and on the road to recovery more quickly.

Great for Those with Special Needs

Those with sensory processing disorders or autism spectrum disorders typically have a difficult time at the dentist because their senses can be overwhelmed in the chair—the bright lights, the sensation of dentistry instruments moving against their teeth, the sounds of rotating and suction equipment. These sensory sensitivities, along with their other behavioral difficulties, can make a visit to the dentist a source of intense discomfort. With sedation dentistry, patients on the spectrum will be able to have a comfortable visit and get the dental help that they need.

Ease of Treatment

Sedation can help your dentist perform treatments while causing the least amount of stress possible. This helps both the dentist and the patient in making the treatment go smoothly.

This treatment is truly beneficial for those with dental anxiety that would otherwise cause them to avoid the dentist altogether. If you’re searching for a dentist who provides sedation dentistry in Highlands Ranch and the surrounding areas, turn to none other than Creekside Endodontics. We aim to save teeth through specialized endodontic treatment.

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