6 Signs That You Need a Root Canal

6 Signs That you May Need a Root Canal

Do you have pain when biting down or sensitivity to cold liquids? You may need a root canal to help save your tooth and avoid expensive implants.  It is important to have an evaluation by your dentist, but there are 6 signs that you may  need a root canal. 6 Signs That You May Need […]

Medicaid Dental Benefits

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Pediatric Medicaid

Do you have a tooth ache or have you been told that you need a root canal? Medicaid is a great resource to receive dental treatment. Dental Benefits for Children in Medicaid Child enrollees are covered Medicaid’s  Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit.  Oral screening is part of a physical exam, it does […]

Dental Pain: Sources

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Tooth Pain Sources

Often, it is difficult for patients to describe their dental pain and where the sensation is coming from. During clinical testing, endodontists try to reproduce a patient’s complaint. This is truly the only way to insure of proper treatment. The purpose of endodontic testing is to determine what treatment, if any, is necessary to eliminate […]