Root Canal or Extraction?

Root Canal or Extraction

Deciding between having a root canal or extraction can be a difficult decision, especially when you are in pain. Root canals and tooth extractions are two effective treatment options that dentists can recommend to treat damaged or infected teeth. There are some important points to consider when making your decision. When is a Root Canal […]

Save Your Tooth and Avoid Expensive Implants

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Root Canals Save Your Tooth

Save Your Tooth – Got a Painful, Throbbing Toothache? ATTENTION LONE TREE, Save Your Tooth: If you’re experiencing pain when biting down or chewing, sensitivity with hot or cold drinks, or swelling gums…  then there’s a good chance you may need a root canal to save your tooth and avoid expensive implants. Get a FREE […]

What Happens During a Root Canal?

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Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatment involves one to three visits. During treatment, your general dentist or endodontist (a dentist who specializes in problems with the nerves of the teeth) removes the affected tissue. Next, the tissue will be removed and the interior of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. Finally, the tooth is […]

6 Signs That You Need a Root Canal

6 Signs That you May Need a Root Canal

Do you have pain when biting down or sensitivity to cold liquids? You may need a root canal to help save your tooth and avoid expensive implants.  It is important to have an evaluation by your dentist, but there are 6 signs that you may  need a root canal. 6 Signs That You May Need […]

Free Nitrous Oxide During Treatment

Free Nitrous Oxide Sedation

With our free nitrous oxide, now is the perfect time to have your root canal completed.  Are you feeling anxious about treatment for a tooth that is causing you pain or are you afraid to have a root canal? Do you have trouble tolerating dental treatment because of a severe gag reflex or a physical […]

Is Sedation Dentistry For You?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way of completing your root canal needs in a comfortable and pain free environment.  Dentists have used sedation medications for many years to relieve fear and apprehensions associated with dental appointments, however, sedation dentistry isn’t only for patients who are nervous about dental procedures. Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Sedation dentistry helps […]

IV Sedation Root Canal

If you’re afraid of going to the dentist for a root canal, you’re not alone. It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Delaying root canal treatment can lead to pain, infection and potential extraction of your tooth. However, there’s a way of overcoming […]

Answers to 5 Important Dental Insurance Questions

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Dental Insurance Coverages

Dental insurance can serve many patients searching for affordable care.  Affordable dental care is equally important as quality dental care.  While it can be beneficial for patients with minimal dental treatment needs to self insure, others prefer the security of dental insurance to pay for dental emergencies and more significant dental care like root canals and […]

Pediatric Nitrous Oxide for Root Canals

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is a mild form of sedation that may be used with children. Children who are overly nervous or anxious about their appointment are great candidates for this type of sedation. Nitrous oxide eases the child’s fears, helps them relax during their visit, and to receive dental treatment in […]