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4 Benefits of Using a United Healthcare PPO Endodontist

Using an in-network United Healthcare endodontist has four benefits that will make life easier and save you money.  Dental insurance is instrumental in helping patients get the care they need with common dental care issues, including root canal treatment.  Maximize your insurance and see how easy using your dental insurance can be.


1. Save Money with a United Healthcare PPO Endodontist

One of the most significant benefits of using an in-network endodontist to complete your root canal is all of the money that you can save.  When you use an in-network endodontist, you receive a discount on your covered treatments.  In-network endodontists have agreed to accept a predetermined price, which is usually much lower than regular prices.

2. Less Paperwork with a United Healthcare PPO Endodontist

When you use an in-network United Healthcare endodontist, all of the necessary dental claims and paperwork is completed for you.  You simply have your treatment completed and your in-network dentist will do he rest for you.  After the United Healthcare PPO processes the claim, they will send you a summary called the Explanation of Benefits(EOB).

3. No Waiting for Reimbursement with a United Healthcare PPO Endodontist

When you use an in-network United Healthcare PPO dentist, United Healthcare pays your endodontist directly. If you use a endodontist that is not in-network, you may be required to pay the full amount in advance and wait for reimbursement. With an in-network endodontist, your endodontist is paid directly by the insurance and you simply pay your anticipated portion at time of treatment.

4. Professionaly Credentialed United Healthcare PPO Endodontist

All United Healthcare PPO in-network endodontists must complete a professional credentialing process. United Heathcare periodically recredentials each endodotnist to insure compliance. Additionally, each endodontist is assigned a Unite Healthcare representative to help with any questions that may arrive.

United Healthcare PPO Provider Search Tool

United Healthcare PPO Provider Search Tool

United Healthcare wants to help you find an in-network provider to insure that you maximize your insurance benefits and have the most convenient experience possible.  You can use the United Healthcare Provider Search Tool and specify dentist name, practice name or location.


In-Network United Healthcare Endodontist: Dr. Andrew Stubbs

Andrew Stubbs, DMD is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontists.  He is a graduate of Boston University and maintains an ecofriendly dental practice.  Dr. Stubbs specializes in root canal treatment in Lone Tree, CO and provides sedation  dental treatment for patients from all over the Denver Metro Area.

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