Using the Tooth Fairy To Improve your Child’s Home Care

February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day

The tooth fairy is a great tool to help your child get excited about oral health.  Learning good oral healthcare can help your child avoid preventable dental disease that can cause the need for a root canal.

1) In addition to money, the tooth fairy can leave gifts like an electric toothbrush, floss and children’s flavored toothpaste.  Tooth brushed should be replaced about every three months and you are going to buy floss and toothpaste anyways.  A gift from the tooth fairy is mush more exciting than pulling the same items out of a grocery bag.

2) Tell your child that the tooth fairy likes healthy teeth, not teeth full of cavities.  Capitalize of the excitement of losing a tooth to double your efforts teaching your child proper tooth care.  A personalized note from the tooth fairy with the new gifts may help kick brushing into overdrive and prevent future tooth aches.

3)  Although the tooth fairy can help motivate a child at any age, start young!!  If you wait to use the tooth fairy as a teaching tool, your child may experience preventable dental work that can cost you hundreds of dollars.  Tell your child stories about when the tooth fairy visited you and share in their excitement.  Brush your teeth with them so that they can mimic your habits.

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