When Is a Root Canal Specialist Needed?

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A root canal specialist, also known as an endodontist, is the type of dentist that should be seen when a root canal procedure is needed. Endodontists are dentists who specifically work in diagnosing, treating and preventing injuries and diseases of the dental pulp of the teeth.

What is a root canal procedure like?

A root canal is a type of dental treatment that is used to restore and salvage a tooth that has become extremely decayed and inflamed or infected deep inside the pulp. In this procedure, an endodontist will remove the inflamed pulp, and the inside of the tooth is then carefully and thoroughly cleaned. It is then filled with gutta-percha, a material that is similar to rubber and seals the tooth. The tooth will then have a crown put on it to protect and restore it back to its normal function, as well as maintain a natural look. After the procedure is done, patients will be able to continue with their normal eating habits. Proper dental care ensures that the results from the root canal will last indefinitely.

What is a root canal specialist?

A root canal specialist is a highly skilled dentist with a higher level of training and experience compared to typical dentists. These specialists, known as endodontists, go to graduate school to further train for an extra two to three years after graduating from dental school. This education focuses on performing endodontic types of procedures. Endodontists focus on the dental pulp of teeth to help prevent diseases and injuries, as well as perform surgeries and dental implant procedures. They also have much more advanced equipment and a higher rate of success with their treatments, as well as the ability to manage pain issues in patients with more ease.

Is an endodontist needed?

While a regular dentist is able to successfully do a root canal procedure, there are advantages to picking an endodontist. In addition to the supplemental education and exceptional equipment, they have much more in-depth experience with the anatomy of the teeth and are better equipped to handle more complicated issues that can arise with root canals and other procedures. Due to their level of knowledge and training, going to an endodontist also means there will usually be fewer appointments.

When should an appointment with an endodontist be scheduled?

The signs of a dental issue that should be seen immediately by a root canal specialist include tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, swelling, redness, bleeding around the gums and an injury to the teeth.


A root canal specialist is a dentist with more training and education who is able to provide a higher level of care when it comes to procedures that focus on the dental pulp of the teeth, such as a root canal. If a person is experiencing symptoms such as tooth pain and sensitivity and a root canal is needed, then a visit to an endodontist is necessary.

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