Dental Technology

Three of the most influential factors in dental work are your dentist’s skill, materials used, and dental technology implemented.

When your dentist has access to the right tools, your procedure will become safer and more accurate. At Creekside Endodontics, we are committed to the use of innovative dental technology to enhance your dental treatment experience.

Digital Imaging and X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Stubbs to take images of the teeth and put it into an imaging program. Using this computer program, he can zoom in and take a look at the teeth with amazing clarity. As an added benefit to the patient, digital x-rays also emit 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Cone Beam CT)

Our cone beam makes it easy for us to see any problems and explain them thoroughly to our patients. The 3D cone beam reveals issues that may go unnoticed by traditional x-rays. The patient can receive a more detailed assessment of what is going on in their mouth.

Quiet Electric Handpieces

Electric handpiece technology is far more efficient than other dental tools, offering three times the cutting power of traditional options. The electric handpiece cuts continually and ensures precise margins for a defined cut. They do not create that high-pitched whining sound that makes people cringe, so our patients can enjoy a quiet and stress-free procedure.

Electronic Root Apex Finder

Dr. Stubbs utilizes an Electronic Apex Locator (EAL) to determine the length of every root canal he treats. Conventional x-rays aren’t as accurate in showing us the anatomy of your root canals, but our electronic root apex finder will tell us more about your unique endodontic needs. This tool increases our chance of successful treatment the first time.

Ultrasonic Tools

Our Ultrasonic endodontic tools are valuable in treating calcified and hard-to-find root canals. It is less aggressive than a handpiece, so it will both increase your comfort and ensure greater cleanliness and better results.

Experience the Power of Dental Technology in Lone Tree, CO

The Creekside Endodontic team is personally committed to your success! That’s why we use advanced technology to upgrade your experience.