GentleWave Root Canal Denver

Are you looking for a GentleWave root canal in Denver? Nothing feels or functions like a natural tooth. More and more people are looking to enhance standard root canal instrumentation and avoid tooth extractions. GentleWave technology presents a scientific breakthrough to enhancing your root canal experience. During the GentleWave root canal procedure, a sterilized instrument delivers a vortex of procedure fluids through your tooth. This powerful fluid technology cleans debris from the root canal walls and thoroughly disinfects microscopic places where bacteria can hide.

GentleWave Advantages

We’re proud to offer GentleWave technology here at Creekside Endodontics for all the many advantages it provides.

Minimally Invasive

The GentleWave root canal procedure replaces much of the traditional root canal instrumentation and cleans with a vortex of procedure fluids. Many patients describe the experience as comfortable—especially patients who have undergone previous root canal treatment. The GentleWave root canal system uses broad-spectrum acoustic energy, which enables fluids to travel through your root canal system. This specialized technology is very efficient at removing tissue and disinfecting complex anatomies and the microscopic spaces where bacteria can hide.

Multisonic Ultraclean

The GentleWave root canal system uses advanced fluid dynamics to obtain an ultraclean root surface after treatment. Broad spectrum acoustic energy travels throughout the root canal system to remove bacteria and debris. It’s able to dissolve tissue 8 times faster than traditional devices. With the GentleWave system, the advanced fluids can reach the microscopic spaces that the traditional spaces can’t.

A One-Session Procedure

In most cases, root canal instrumentation enhanced with the GentleWave root canal procedure can be completed in just one session. In addition, because GentleWave technology is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system after root canal instrumentation, there’s less chance of failure over time. The GentleWave Ultracleaning Procedure offers a higher standard of clean compared with simple root canal instrumentation.

GentleWave Root Canal Reviews

An Alternative to Root Canal Discomfort

The GentleWave root canal procedure may help resolve a painful tooth, even if it has already been treated with root canal treatment. Eliminating the bacteria in microscopic areas of your tooth can help to relieve the pain and discomfort that may interfere with your daily life. Although root canal treatment has helped millions of patients, the most common cause of failure is due to bacteria present in the root canal system. The GentleWave Procedure uses broad-spectrum acoustic energy to remove debris and bacteria that may cause the need for root canal retreatment.

The Joke about Root Canals and Childbirth

Some patients associate root canal treatment with pain and discomfort. Many patients who have root canal therapy enhanced with the GentleWave procedure report decreased pain and a quick recovery period. Many patients who try GentleWave for the first time have had previous root canal treatments. The GentleWave root canal procedure has been recommended by patients as a way to relieve your pain and get back to your normal routine.

Don’t Be Worried about Your Procedure

When patients are told that they need root canal treatment, they often don’t know what to expect. When provided with the GentleWave dental procedure option, patients have been able to go back to work the same day. Many patients have even reported having little or no pain after the procedure.

GentleWave Root Canal Cost

As an Elite GentleWave Provider, Dr. Stubbs understands the importance of thoroughly cleaning the entire root canal system during treatment. GentleWave root canal cost should not be a barrier to quality root canal treatment. For a limited time, save 80% on the GentleWave Procedure at Creekside Endodontics to enhance your root canal treatment. Experience for yourself what makes the GentleWave treatment so special.

Elite Authorized GentleWave Provider in Lone Tree, CO

Creekside Endodontics is an Elite Authorized GentleWave Provider in Lone Tree, CO, and we have completed the most procedures in the area. Creekside Endodontics was the first dental office to introduce GentleWave technology to the southeast Denver region, and we make treatment available to patients in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Parker, Castle Rock, and Castle Pines.

As a trained chemical engineer, Dr. Stubbs understands the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system in 3 dimensions. Cleaning the root canal system removes dead tissue, debris and harmful bacteria that would otherwise reinfect the root canal system and potentially cause the need for root canal retreatment. Broad spectrum acoustic technology effectively irrigates the root canal system to remove these harmful products and restore your dental health.

GentleWave Authorized Provider

The Goal of GentleWave Root Canal Therapy

Cleaning and Shaping the Root Canal Space

The goal of root canal therapy is to remove irritants, tissue remnants, and bacteria from the root canal space.  When the root canal space is not properly cleaned, the surrounding bone can become irritated and become tender and swollen.

Root canal spaces are traditionally cleaned mechanically and chemically. Canals are mechanically enlarged with dental drills and files to create a path for cleaning irrigants.  Then, cleaning irrigants are used to chemically clean the canals. The most common irrigant used to clean root canals is sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, is effective in both dissolving tissue remnants and killing bacteria.

Traditional Root Canal Shaping

To accomplish the goals of cleaning the entire tooth root, it has traditionally been necessary to overenlarge the top of the canal.  Large dental drills, like Gates-Gliddens, efficiently enlarge the top of the root canal space so that the irrigants can reach the bottom of the root.

Removing tooth structure can weaken the tooth and increase the chance of root fractures. Additionally, overenlargement of the canal can lead to root perforation and the eventual extraction of the tooth. GentleWave tachnology allows your endodontist to shape your root canal without unecessary overenlargement.

Removal of the Dental Smear Layer

Shaping the root canal creates dental dust inside the canal.  The dental dust mixes with moisture in the canal and becomes debris sludge.  During instrumentation, dental files press this debris sludge against the walls of the root surface and traps irritants and bacteria.  If left uncleaned, this bacteria can cause failure of root canal treatment.

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a root canal irrigant that efficiently cleans away the smear layer.  Like bleach, EDTA traditionally requires enlarging the root canal space to allow sufficient fluid flow. The GentleWave system effectively and efficiently uses EDTA to remove the dental smear layer and clean the root canal system.

Experience the New Way of Root Canal Therapy Here in Lone Tree, CO

Schedule an appointment at Creekside Endodontics today, and see the difference GentleWave can make in your root canal and oral health!

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