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Are you looking for a Lone Tree Endodontist? Dr. Andrew Stubbs, Lone Tree endodontics specialist, has the specialized training and education to provide top quality endodontic services. Together with a team that is dedicated to the highest standards of endodontic care, he delivers caring and comfortable services that will bring back your bright, healthy smile.

Our endodontist in Lone Tree, Colorado starts with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the most suitable treatment plan for you. In addition, we provide 3D x-ray services for an accurate diagnosis and dental sedation for a more comfortable experience.

Whether you need a root canal treatment or another type of procedure, our team at Creekside Endodontics will provide relief when you need it the most. Don’t hesitate to come to us when you are experiencing a painful condition that might require a root canal treatment.

Dental damage is common and can lead to tooth infections, but at our practice, you can receive treatment from an experienced endodontist. Dr. Stubbs uses environmentally friendly methods to help you achieve a healthy and functional smile. Dr. Stubbs was nominated as a Top Lone Tree Endodontist in 5280 Magazine!

Get to the Root of the Matter

Everyone gets toothaches — and there’s more to tooth pain than eating too much sweets and being sensitive to cold drinks. If you look deeper into the matter, you will see that constant toothaches may be the result of an inflamed tooth pulp or a dental abscess.

Our endodontist in Colorado addresses toothaches and other problems related to the dental pulp. After you schedule a consultation with us, we will conduct a thorough examination and run dental x-rays to determine the condition of your dental pulp. Then, after discussing possible treatments, we perform root canal procedures to address the issue that’s causing you serious pain and sensitivity.

You don’t have to worry about feeling the pain during the actual procedure. We provide sedation dentistry services to make you more comfortable in the dentist chair.

With us, you’ll have a spectacular experience that solves your endodontic problems.

Lone Tree Endodontist

Endodontists solve problems related to the dental pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth that holds the living connective tissues and cells. If the pulp becomes injured, it can result in serious pain and sensitivity.

We can keep you comfortable during your endodontic treatment with sedation dentistry and patient amenities. Not only do we care about giving you a healthier smile, but we also want you to have a spectacular experience with us.

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Root Canals

Root canal treatment saves millions of teeth each year. Dr. Stubbs can restore your natural smile and soothe your toothache by removing the damaged pulp, cleaning the space, and sealing it off from bacteria. Safeguard your smile and your overall wellness with this highly successful treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Service


Sedation dentistry can transform your perception of root canal treatment. Many patients are nervous about root canals and other endodontic procedures. Dr. Andrew Stubbs provides nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation to guarantee a great procedure for anxious patients.

Sedation Dentistry


In the aftermath of some root canal procedures, the tissue near the end of the root may become infected. This persistent inflammation or infection, which affects the bony area surrounding the end of the, calls for apicoectomy or root-end resection.

Apicoectomy Procedure

Cracked Teeth

General wear and tear may lead to cracked and fractured teeth. This results in erratic pain and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Our endodontist in Lone Tree delivers caring and comfortable treatments for cracked teeth and its side effects.

Cracked Teeth Treatment

Traumatic Injuries


Injuries that push your tooth inward, outward, or sideways may not be life-threatening, but they can still affect your daily life. If a traumatic injury leads to extreme dental pain and sensitivity, don’t hesitate to visit our endodontist and discuss the best course of action.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

Regenerative Endodontics


Regenerative endodontics brings back the healthy state of root canals through tissue engineering. This exciting development in the field of dentistry enables endodontists to efficiently and accurately address complications with root development and similar dentition issues.

Regenerative Procedures



You can count on our experienced Colorado endodontist to use innovative dental technology to make your experience with us better. These technologies show our commitment to the success of your root canal treatment.

Digital X-Rays: Dr. Stubbs uses digital x-rays to look at your teeth with clarity. This technology emits less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Cone Beam: Our cone beam computed tomography easily detects endodontic problems. It reveals dental concerns more accurately than tradition x-rays do.

Electric Handpieces: Our advanced electronic handpiece technology lets you experience a quiet and stress-free endodontic procedure.

Electronic Apex Locator: This technology lets Dr. Stubbs accurately determine the length of each patient’s root canal, contributing to a successful treatment.

Ultrasonic Tools: Calcified and hard-to-find root canals are no longer a problem because of our ultrasonic endodontic tools that increase your comfort.

Let’s assess your endodontic needs at Creekside Endodontics. If you are nervous about a root canal treatment, or you have had poor experiences in the past, we can help you have a better treatment here. For more information about our practice, feel free to explore our website or give our office a call today.


Creekside Endodontics readily provides caring and comfortable endodontic solutions in Lone Tree, Colorado. Our services also extend to nearby areas including Parker, Centennial, Littleton, Englewood, Castlerock, Castle Pines, and Highlands Rock.

Get in touch with us if you feel like you have an endodontic problem that needs to be addressed. You can trust us to provide dental relief when you need it the most. Schedule a consultation with our Colorado-based endodontist, today.


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