Root Canal Retreatment in Lone Tree

Root Canal Retreatment Patients Root canal retreatment, also called endodontic retreatment, is sometimes required after unsuccessful initial root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is successful about 90% of the time. On rare occasions, a tooth might require retreatment. Symptoms might appear months or even years after the original treatment.

For patients who need root canal retreatment or endodontic retreatment, we are committed to providing an enjoyable experience and successful results at Creekside Endodontics.

Why Would I Ever Need Root Canal Retreatment?

If you notice pain or sensitivity in the tooth after root canal therapy, you may need endodontic retreatment. Some reasons for an unsuccessful first treatment include:

  • Narrow or curved canals that were missed during the procedure.
  • Complicated canal anatomy that was undetected during the root canal.
  • A delay between the root canal and the crown placement that caused bacteria accumulation.

Even if the treatment is successful, a new problem may occur and jeopardize the treated tooth. New problems may include new decay, a broken crown or filling, or a tooth fracture.

What Should I Expect During Endodontic Retreatment?

Root canal retreatment can be simple and nonsurgical, or it may be a little more involved. Dr. Stubbs will take a conservative approach while still ensuring your oral health going forward.

Dr. Stubbs will create an opening in the restoration to take a look at the root canal filling material. He may have to loosen and remove the previous materials so he can examine the tooth to locate additional canals or hard-to-see areas that require treatment.

Our endodontist will properly clean the canals and fill them with medicated material. He will place a temporary filling, and refer you back to your general dentist for a strong permanent filling or crown.

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