Regenerative Endodontics in Lone Tree

Regenerative endodontics is a remarkable endodontic advancement. It allows us to replace damaged structures and restore functionality to even necrotic or infected root canal systems.

Regenerative endodontic therapy is a revolutionary benefit for immature teeth. This type of treatment helps us achieve our ultimate endodontic goal of helping patients retain their true teeth.

Regenerative endodontic procedures have success rates of 90–100%. They allow patients whose roots are not completely developed to overcome pulp damage and regain natural function and aesthetic. Regenerative endodontic procedures can also be used in complex cases with mature teeth.

While groundbreaking, regenerative endodontic procedures are also very technique-sensitive. We are happy to take on referred patients at Creekside Endodontics and provide them with first-rate care. The patient would be returned to their general practitioner for any restorations necessary.

Considerations for Regenerative Procedures

The AAE recognizes tremendous potential in the field of regenerative endodontics, and has compiled related recommendations and resources. They have successfully proposed revisions to the Accreditation Standards for Advanced Specialty Education Programs in Endodontics to include regenerative endodontics as required curriculum. They have also invested in a multi-year grant from the AAE Foundation to support clinical research in regeneration.

Some rules of thumb for regenerative endodontic procedures include:

  • Tooth with necrotic pulp and immature apex.
  • Pulp space not needed for final restoration.
  • Compliant patient or parent.
  • Patients not allergic to the medications or antibiotics necessary.
  • Two or more appointments.
  • Use of antimicrobials.

These recommendations are based on best available data at this time and should be one possible source of information used by clinicians to make treatment decisions. Moreover, given the rapid evolving nature of this field, clinicians should actively review new findings as they become available.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your patients at Creekside Endodontics.