IV Sedation in Lone Tree

Does the thought of spending time in the dental chair make you anxious? We provide solutions for patients who want to relax and get important dental work done. Whether you suffer from minor stress or severe phobias, we can find a sedation dentistry method that will work for you.

Come feel the difference at Creekside Endodontics! We invite you to enjoy our warm, welcoming, and spa-like atmosphere. You’ll be greeted with soothing patient amenities and practitioners who really care. We always take a conservative approach, and we ask you about your concerns.

To make an even better dental experience come to life, Dr. Andrew Stubbs offers safe sedation options to his patients. IV sedation is a deeper form of sedation dentistry that may work well for patients who need a little extra peace of mind.

How does IV Sedation Work?

IV sedation, or intravenous sedation, is administered through a needle into the vein. This method works quickly and is also safe and effective. Patients will feel comfortable while sedated and are able to breathe on their own. After the procedure, patients report that they have little to no memory of their time in the dental chair.

The Advantages of IV Sedation

We provide IV sedation to make your dental appointment as carefree as possible. It is a great option for patients who need endodontic procedures. Advantages of IV sedation include:

  • The level of sedation can be adjusted as necessary
  • IV sedation takes effect faster than other forms of sedation
  • Patients are not unconscious during the appointment, but deeply relaxed and comfortable

If you have difficulty sitting in the dentist’s chair due to fear, sensitivity, or gag reflex, ask Dr. Stubbs about IV sedation. For more information, contact Creekside Endodontics today!