Oral Sedation Dentistry in Lone Tree

Oral Sedation Root Canal PatientJust the idea of the dental office brings feelings of fear or anxiety to some patients. If dental anxiety sounds familiar to you, ask Dr. Andrew Stubbs about oral sedation.

Oral sedation does not “knock you out” or put you to sleep. The process is as easy as taking aspirin, and will help you feel completely relaxed.

The patient remains awake during the procedure, able to respond to questions and commands, but in a heightened state of peace. Many patients remember little or nothing at all about their procedure, but they walk away with wonderful results.

Dr. Stubbs is proudly certified to administer oral sedation. This safe and easy relaxation method will make any procedure possible for even the most worried patient.

How does oral conscious sedation work?

No needles, no face masks, no passing out. All you have to do is take a simple pill. It’s just like taking an aspirin.

Remember to have someone drive you to and from your appointment. Because of your heightened state of relaxation, it won’t be safe for you to drive.

Step One: Consult with Dr. Stubbs about your concerns. He will prescribe an oral sedative based on your needs.
Step Two: Take the pills based on Dr. Stubbs’ instructions. Some patients will take one medication the night before the treatment, and another one hour before the treatment. This second pill is most important, and will minimize the activity in the parts of the brain responsible for fear.
Step Three: During your root canal, you will remain conscious, but in a deep state of tranquility. Many patients compare the feeling to sleep, and will have little to no memory of the procedure after its completion.
Step Four: Enjoy great results.

You can trust our professionals for your best procedure yet.

Let’s overcome dental fear and anxiety so we can give you a healthier smile. Don’t put off treatment—there’s a better kind of dentistry waiting for you at Creekside Endodontics. We look forward to meeting with you.